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We put our Neptune Rum Caribbean Spiced out to the professional drinks tasters to get their independent and honest reviews and feedback. Here is what they had to say.


From the producer of the World’s Most Awarded Rum 2018/19 comes Neptune Rum Caribbean Spiced. Neptune Rum Caribbean Spiced is a blend of Caribbean golden rums masterfully infused with papaya and damiana tropical fruits, balanced with hints of vanilla and cinnamon.

With no added sugar, Neptune Caribbean Spiced Rum delivers an exceptional full-bodied taste, making it perfect for sipping or mixing.



Neptune Caribbean Spiced Rum adheres to our values of producing honest rums with no added sugar, sweeteners, artificial flavourings or colourings. We keep all our rums pure and don’t add chemicals, preservatives or artificial colours or flavourings. By keeping it natural we preserve the delicate flavours and velvety smoothness of our rum. The result, an exceptional Caribbean spiced rum that outshines all other spiced rums in terms of drinking experience and quality.


Neptune Caribbean Spiced Rum is a blend of Caribbean gold rums primarily from Barbados where the climate produces exceptional rum. Designed to deliver Neptune Rum Caribbean Spiced is packaged in the same famous Exceptional bottle, with a burst of colour. 


Neptune Caribbean Spiced Rum is a subtle infusion of tropical fruits including papaya and damiana fruits for a sophisticated flavour burst. To balance the fruit burst Neptune  Caribbean Spiced Rum is balanced with hints of vanilla and cinnamon producing an exceptional full-bodied flavour that is perfect for sipping or mixing.





"...how it should be done..."

"Spiced Rum from @neptune_rum - I don't mind a good spiced rum, but I did say a good spiced rum. I do get the argument around categorisation and what should be classified a rum, but this, for me, is how it should be done." rumtheshow. (instagram.com)

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"...I would recommend this..."

"I have to say, it’s grown on me. As spiced rums go and judging it solely in this category, I would recommend this. It's easy drinking with the spice element well balanced and with no added sugars, it's a decent buy." ruminterest. (instagram.com)

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"...a delicious flavour profile..."

"The new rum infusion has a delicious flavour profile with Papaya, Damiana, Vanilla and tones of cinnamon.. Perfect to enjoy straight up, over ice, or in a delicious cocktail, The Neptune Rum is marvellously versatile! Starting the Rumolution". the_rummmery. (instagram.com)

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"...a big crowd pleaser..."

"I get loads of yellow banana foam sweets on the nose and on the palate there's thick layers of papaya with banana hanging about, and a slight hint of nutmeggy cinnamon spice at the end. Keeping it tropical, this was super easy to have with pineapple juice - I'd opt for a double in a tall glass, personally."  joblogsrum. (instagram.com)

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"...one of the better spiced rums..."

"That being said Neptune Spiced is still one of the better spiced rums out there and it makes a very decent rum and coke. It will definitely appeal to the flavoured rum drinkers as long as they don’t expect a sugar bomb. Priced at £30 I find it a bit overpriced, but given they went the natural-no-chemicals way makes up for it." therumbarrel. (instagram.com)

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"...It's very good..."

"Now to the Rum itself, an absolute treat to savour. The lack of artificial flavouring and sweetening is apparent from the moment you pour over ice and raise the glass to your mouth to take a sip. Nice fruity aromas. It's very good, plenty of vanilla and hints of cinnamon. If you are used to the traditional sweeter spiced Rums you may find this a little harder to enjoy. Although I'm sure it works a treat with Cola and the other usual suspects. Neptune's main Gold Rum is award winning, so I didn't expect anything less from this. They know what they're doing and in this instance they're raising the bar high.......". ruminthelakes. (instagram.com)


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